Delta Passport / TravelNet Registration Procedures
Revised January 2009

* See your manager, recruiter/consultant or administrative assistant to fill out the
Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) online.
* Wait 1-2 business days for employee profile to be updated with NDA.
If NDA is not on file, employee PPR number will not be recognized by the system.
* Go to
* Enter your nine digit PPR number in the User ID Field.
This is your employee number plus two zeros at the end.
Example:  86XXXXXXX00
* Skip the Password Field if you are a new user.
* Click on link that says "New User or Forgot Password"
* You should be prompted to enter your birth month and year.
(If you receive an error, see troubleshooting steps below.)
* You may then receive a screen like the one below to set up your five security questions:


* You will then have the opportunity to create a permanent password.
* Once your account has been set up, you can close the browser and open a new browser to visit TravelNet:
Log in with your new password, then click on "TravelNet" at the top of the screen.



* If you click on "New User or Forgot Password" and you receive an error, or if you receive an error after setting up your security questions, see the following:

If you know your NDA is already on file and you receive an error such as:
No Accounts Found ("Accounts" plural)
Call 1-866-409-9456

If you do see accounts but do not see "Delta Passport" in the list of accounts:
Call 1-866-409-9456

If we do not have your NDA on file, you will receive an error:
"No Account Found" ("Account" singular)

If you are not sure if your NDA is on file:
Call the DGS Pass Bureau at 404-715-9038 or contact your administrative assistant or recruiter.